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Latino Cleaning & Detailing Services​ Inc

Welcome To Our Company Where Your Filthy Homes Turn From Ruins To Perfection and immaculate Condition Like It Was When You First Bought It !!!

25% of all sales and services will be donated to Corona Virus & Virus research and any other biological virus research.

Our priority is the health and well being of our team members and customers and there kids in our local community the following guidelines have been adhered to by each of our staff.

Social distancing : Our team members will always keep a distance of 6 ft or 2 meters from our customers and other members of the family 

Solo Cleans : Historically we have operated in teams of two with the restrictions in place for social distancing rules in place, this will not always be possible. For those situations ,we have introduced solo cleans unless the cleaners live together or are related and reside at the same address then this doesn't apply to them if not the one of our Latino Cleaning & Detailing Services members will do solo cleans at this time until further notice 

Team Cleans : Where possible we will continue with teams of two and sometimes three. These may be in the form of cleaning partners and family members. We want to keep their bubbles and our customers as safe as possible. For those of our customers with large areas we will plan to send two cleaners who will arrive separately and maintain there social distance from one another.

PPE : In the effort to protect both our customers and our staff they will all be given personal protective equipment whatever is necessary

Disinfecting : Latino Cleaning & Detailing Services has a product called Neutral Disinfectant in our arsenal. This product is effective in killing the Covid-19 virus on hard non-porous surfaces like countertops and doorknobs. We will continue to use this in your home as well as on our own equipment before and after being in your home/office.

Clean Gloves : Prior to entering your home or office our team members will have washed their hands throughly proper guidelines for the removal and disposal of the gloves

Health Check : We will be very diligent about ensuring our team members and customers are healthy Our company will be asking the following questions to our staff members and to you quite often, staying on top of everyone's current health situation. If you or our team member answers yes to any it will require a rescheduling of the cleaning appointment 

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